Q & A


Cake Tasting

We offer a complimentary tasting kit that includes our most popular wedding cake flavors. These flavors include, Strawberry and Vanilla Custard, Black and White, Carrot, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Double Temptation and Cannoli. You can read the descriptions of these flavors here.


We ask that the couples bring in any ribbon, bling, flowers or accessories they so choose to ensure that all the trimmings match the design aesthetic for the wedding. This must be delivered up until one week before the wedding.


We will take any cake toppers that can stick into the cake, all others should be brought the day of the wedding and given to the Maitre-D' to put on the cake. Heavy cake toppers may have to sit in front of the cake.

Cake Stands

We do not take cake stands, they have to be brought to the Venue the day of.

Fresh Flowers

If you decide to use fresh flowers we asked them to be delivered two days before the wedding. We keep them fresh in our facility until with put them on the cake.


We ask for 3 weeks notice on any specialty cake order. You have up until one week before your wedding to change size, shape, flavor or design.


If you have a cake package, we ask that any design up-charges are paid when the cake is ordered.

Anyone without a cake package must leave 50% deposit when ordering and are required to pay in full one week before the Wedding. If you cancel your order the week of the wedding you will lose your deposit. 


We charge for delivery depending on distance. Anyone with a Venue Cake Package does not pay a delivery fee.